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Editing a book in 5 steps

We’ve had the great privilege and pleasure of editing several books over the last few years, business memoirs and academic theses to works on learning methodologies, strategic innovation and general management from a Latin American perspective. While they addressed a range of topics and diverse readerships, they all stemmed from the same 5-step process to […]

6 Useful Resources for Multilingual Writers

In today’s globalized world, chances are you occasionally communicate in a language(s) other than your native tongue. There are situations and situations, however. After all, it’s one thing to chat up your Parisian neighbor and quite another to draft a make-or-break client brief for a French multinational. When the pressure is on to sound competent, […]

5 Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

As American business communicators and long-time residents of Spain, we’ve seen more than our share of writing – emails, reports, articles, project briefs, blog posts, you name it – created by people whose first language isn’t English. Based on our years of “field research,” we’ve compiled a few suggestions to help non-native speakers avoid some […]

5 Tips for Writing Difficult Emails

Most of us send and receive an on-going stream of emails throughout the day, most of which are back-and-forth workaday communications. But every so often, we’ll have to write one that literally gives us pause. With no way around it, we’ll have to relay a message – whether to a colleague, a higher-up or a […]

New Roles for General Managers

We had the pleasure of working with IESE Professors Joan Enric Ricart and Adrián Caldart on the recently published General Management in Latin and Ibero-American Organizations: A Humanistic Perspective. Exploring the role of the general manager, the book features insights from international scholars on topics ranging from the CEO agenda and sustainable business models to […]

The Jargon Trap

It’s tempting to use jargon in written business communication. And why not? Everybody is doing it: “Let’s think outside the box.” “We don’t have the bandwidth.” “We’re getting radio silence on the launch date.” It usually happens when speakers are focused on being entertaining, rather than meaningful. It also occurs when they are seeking to […]

The Humble Leader

People have deliberated the qualities of true leadership for as long as there have been leaders. Among the long list of leadership essentials, one concept currently stands out: humility. A while back, I had the pleasure of preparing an article for “IESE Business School Insight” based on excerpts from “Humility Is the New Smart” by […]

Words Shape Our World

Words mean different things to different people. That’s why we need to be so careful with them. Imagine the boss says, “This social media campaign is going to bring us a gigantic boost in sales.” The boss may be thinking 5 percent, while her employees imagine much higher numbers. If no further context is provided, […]

Giving People a Voice at Work

Silence at work exacts a high price on both companies and society. But when we are able to freely express our opinions, everyone benefits. Research suggests that people who feel empowered to share information and ideas at work tend to be more engaged and motivated. This positive attitude then flows into other realms of life. […]

Getting the Facts

Communicating information accurately and responsibly takes effort. Yet in today’s “post-truth” age, it’s increasingly easy to find cherry-picked data that has been quickly gathered. Author Dennis Heijn expresses this idea in his book, The Fearless Monkey: A Creative Guide to Leadership in a Paradoxical World. Heijn uses the metaphor of a monkey to describe how […]